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No matter where you are in the world, running or leading a business can be time consuming and exhausting. Most days it seems like 24 hours in a day are never enough and this is where a virtual business support specialist come in to help you with professional services.

The virtual business support specialist will take the load off from your shoulder so you can focus on your next deals, meetings, workshops, negotiations or leading and developing your business.


If you are in a need of quick, efficient and professional virtual business support specialist please contact us and let us deal with it!


No matter which part of the world you live in or travel to. Virtual means virtual, without borders or limits. We communicate via email = the most cost effective way.

A virtual business support specialist also understands  time differences and its advantages, so she can do the work even while you are sleeping on the other side of the world! How is that for the perfect support?!...


Virtual business support specialists are going to take notes of your requests and specifications and will make sure that you will receive the project up-to the highest standards. We will amend the project until you are 100% happy with the results.


Expenses, presentations, employee records, timesheets, researches, search engine optimisation, ecommerce product update, creating websites from scratch, product listings on eBay or Amazon...

...Stop delaying the above, ask our help so you can just focus on building your business! and let us take care of the admin tasks.


The luxurious extra is not only that you will save a lot of money on overheads of a full time employee, but finally you will have time to enjoy your life as a reward of your hard work.

While your virtual assistant is doing the work for you...It is time for you to relax!


You don't know where to start? Ask us, we will plan the solution and start the work straight away.

We understand how frustrating it can be to leave a piece of project e.g. website, presentation, research etc. unfinished and procrastinate over something which hinders you to carry on with your other plans as you would like to. So we truly believe that by choosing a virtual business support specialist you are already on the way to resolving your problems at once!      Please email us now.


A professionally edited document tells a lot about its creator. Have you done a quick  cut and paste job to pull together the context from different sources and you feel it is simply impossible to get it to make sense as you would like it to? A Power Point Presentation needs a lot of attention to ensure consistency, in addition to the right content as well as the right look which could be very time consuming to produce, we are proud to say that not only we can help you but we can do it better than most and to your complete satisfaction. 

Don't worry! Tell us what you need and we are ready to help.   Email us now.


Business or tourist visa applications take huge amounts of time because of the research into the different complex procedures of all various countries. You need to read a lot of pages full of rules to make sure you follow the right procedures. Our experienced people will research thoroughly the rules and organise a short list of questions for you to provide us with the right responses for various visa applications and then and in due time you should receive the required visa with no hassle.

So, where is your next destination?

 Email us now.


Ask for quotation!

Let's say it's 8 PM and you need that presentation by 8 AM so that you can rock that meeting tomorrow morning! The usual office hours are not helpful this time and you have no chance to deal with this right now, especially when you need a rest or some quality family time. But it is not a problem for your virtual business support specialist! Send the work to us for a quick review and we will quote the best price for a unique overnight service!

 Email us now.


So your To Do list is growing each day? Everything would be so simple if someone could do some essential research for you so you could tick it off from the list and focus on your next thing to do!

Send us an email specifying what research you need, it can be e.g., list of jewellery retailers in London with contact emails or best prices to get your book printed that you wanted to publish for a while...

Email us now.


Do you need a conference room in Hong Kong or to set up a regular weekly meeting for 4 persons in the City of London? We can find the right place for you.

We can also direct you to the best local travel options with considering your budget and best route possible. Sounds good?!....

Email us now.



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