Other Services


Professional Power Point presentations:

  • High quality presentation for small or big audience. Printable to create booklets, posters, trainer  and delegate materials for workshops etc.
  • We will strictly follow the rules of any template or we can create presentations from scratch.
  • We will take care of the look & feel (L&F) so you will have an excellent file with consistency of fonts, icons, picture styles, colours etc


  • Creating websites from scratch
  • Updating existing pages
  • Re-designing
  • Ecommerce / Web shops


  • Creating ecommerce web shop from scratch
  • Updating context
  • Uploading/updating new products and their details
  • Order: admin, invoices etc

Word documents

  • We will tidy up already existing documents or we will type them up from scratch…
  • Proposals, letters formatted to the very high standard.
  • Proof reading
  • Design, look & feel rules: font types, colours, icons, pictures are consistent.
  • Your document will look fresh and professional.

Excel files:

  • We will tidy up already existing documents or we will create them from scratch…
  • We will make sure the formulas, practicality and design of the file covers everything you need
  • Research – specifically for your business needs
  • Databases – to help you act on your plans

Business VISA support – saving you time on reading the rules and preparing you for quick application

HR / Recruitment

  • Advertising jobs
  • Filtering CVs
  • Recruitment admin / databases

Translation services

  • Hungarian to English
  • English to Hungarian

e-Bay listings

Bookkeeping services – UK

  • Expenses
  • Reports
  • Tax returns
  • Consulting & setting up bookkeeping for start-up companies, sole traders, existing businesses