“I am able to think of their business as my own.”

As a business support specialist, I have helped business owners from organising their messy computers and paperwork to files and folders on a very practical way, up to the point of introducing and implementing & training their teams on new Financial systems (ERP). I am an unstoppable thinker and always vocalise what can be the best for your business using my vast experience and using the latest knowledge of modern technology. I love making the life of my client’s easier and let me say I am always happy to hear that they appreciate my services and think of me as a high-valued asset to their business/company. 


  • ERP system/software implementation and configuration (projects, invoicing -payables and receivables-, Chart of accounts, Reports etc)
  • Project Management – Corporate consultancies, managing global course structures for household brands eg.: Michelin, Lego etc
  • Documentary Credit dealings
  • International trade finance
  • Skillful and knowledgeable in oil  & gas export-import (PFIs, Final Invoices, Demurrage invoices, Contracts, Average and triggered price recording and final value calculations, vessel management and documentation of delivery, presentation of documents under Documentary credits, Stand-by letter of credits etc
  • Managing Finance department
  • Completing Customer Due Diligence processes, KYC processes
  • Training and supervision of staff re finance/bookkeeing, journal entries, KYC and any items within our services
  • Payroll
  • HR: recruitment, inductions, employee evaluations
  • Confident handling of multi million dollar trades within the oil industry
  • Research, report preparation, support in the area of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery